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A scenic photo and travel book business for photographer and author 

L. D. Hills


L. D. Hills self-publishes and markets his books via HILLS OUTDOORS.

They are printed and distributed through and Amazon. Mr. Hills primarily markets photo travel books, but he also writes and publishes travel poetry. 


HILLS OUTDOORS also markets calendars of scenic photos from the Pacific Northwest taken by L. D. Hills, along with various other products featuring his scenic photographs.

Most of the photography offered by Mr. Hills is from around the State of Oregon, although he also markets photos from Washington, Northern California, and his home state of Michigan.

Latest Publications By L. D. HILLS

Pondering The Ponderosa.jpg

Pondering the ponderosa

   This photo book contains unique and unusual Ponderosa pine scenes in Oregon. The State of Oregon is the home of many Ponderosa pine forests and the author of this volume has tramped his way through many of them taking hundreds of photographs of these remarkable trees. On these pages, you will find 200 scenes featuring these pines in various moods and settings. Many of these photos showcase the strange, unusual, and odd natural forms found among these pine wonders.

eBook - File Size 105172 KB - 120 Pages

200 Full-Color Photos

Free with Kindle Unlimited or 

$5.99 to Buy

Trade Paperback - 6" X 9" - 120 Pages

200 Full-Color Photos

$18.95 + shipping

Oregon Wonders.jpg


   This volume of scenic poetry contains thirty-five poems about various places in the beautiful state of Oregon. These are "word photographs" that describe each scenic site in a poetic essay format. The author has selected a variety of popular places around the "Beaver State" and has poetically portrayed them. He has also included specific historical and geographical information that is woven into the lines warmly depicting each location.

   It is the author's desire for the reader to be inspired to visit these places, or at least be encouraged to learn more about each place mentioned. He uses very descriptive language to paint a picture in the reader's mind for each entry found in this book. The poems herein will be appealing to readers of all ages whether or not they live in Oregon. Those who love to travel will find this book both entertaining and informative.

Trade Paperback - 6" X 9" - 165 Pages

$9.95 + shipping

Out in the Middle.jpg

out in the Middle

   Whether you are a local or a visitor touring this unique region, there is so much to see in the middle of Oregon! Even the making of a scenic photo book on the subject requires omitting a lot of beautiful material of gorgeous scenery that abounds in the central sector of the "Beaver State." There is sensational scenic beauty all over our state, but there is a tremendous amount squeezed into this area. 

   For that reason, Central Oregon is a major tourist destination. Travelers flock here in all seasons and they are greeted by bountiful forests, snow-capped mountains, rippling streams, yawning canyons, lovely lakes, "Big Sky" range country, stunning rock formations, and more!
   These benefits are equally enjoyed by locals who call this territory home. This book is aimed at residents too, for it contains a varied sampling of what there is to see and appreciate in Central Oregon. The photos in this volume display a wide variety of scenes that will appeal to locals and tourists alike.

Trade paperback - 6" X 9" - 166 Pages -
​160 Full-Color Photos

$24.88 + shipping



   The 130 pages in this book are actual nature and scenery

photographs that have been converted into coloring pages. For stress relief and the enjoyment of scenic serenity, these nature scene pages are ideal for adult coloring.


Coloring Book - 8.5" X 11" - 262 Pages -
​130 Coloring Pages

​$9.99 + shipping



   The collection of photographs in this book offers a variety of colorful scenes in various locations throughout Central Oregon. The author has assembled a line-up of appealing autumn color photos that are sure to be pleasing to the eyes of those who examine these pages. Despite the prominence of the desert in this region, there are splotches of fall color to be found all over this scenic area.

   This is especially true in those forested sectors close to the mountains where maples, aspens, and birch grow in prolific numbers by creeks and rivers. But due to human efforts, there are many deciduous trees in the communities of this part of the “Beaver State.” Though not every town in Central Oregon is represented herein, many of the pictures showcased are of scenes found in urban parks and along city streets.

   The purpose of this color-saturated volume is to show off the fall colors that abound in this sector of Oregon. Since the autumn colors are the primary feature of this book, it focuses on those areas with the most abundant color to be seen each fall. Granted, this area does not have the type of fall color scenes found in New England and other places that have massive deciduous forests. But that does not mean Central Oregon is void of autumn colors. On the contrary, this book displays the color-studded scenes that come along each year during the fall months, scenes relished by tourists and locals alike.

Trade Paperback - 6" X 9" - 110 Pages

180 Full-Color Photos 

$31.95 + shipping



   The photographs featured in this compact volume are all prime examples of the fabulous color schemes enjoyed every autumn in the Great Lakes State. Throughout this scenic wonderland, there are various types of hardwood trees that produce vibrant colors offering decorative panels of orange, yellow, and red. These intense colors make for very memorable fall scenes! While New England may boast of great fall colors as well, Michigan offers its own wonderful color scenes just as intense as Vermont or New Hampshire or any points east! Michigan has immense stands of deciduous forests that display beautiful, radiant foliage, especially among the maples in the region.

   The photos in this book represent just a small portion of what Michigan has to offer every fall season. The author has selected the best pictures from a fall color tour from 2020. Thus, only certain areas are featured in this collection of autumn scenes. But what is found herein will be representative of what can commonly be found in October around the Lower Peninsula.

   Mr. Hills is a native of southern Michigan and has offered photos of scenes in areas he recalls from his youth. The colorful fall photos he offers here are gorgeous examples of what both locals and tourists alike will find in Michigan every fall.

Trade Paperback - 6" X 9" - 74 Pages

60 Full-Color Photos

$22.95 + shipping


2024 Calendar

Featuring forest scenes from around the State of Oregon 

$15.00 + Shipping

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