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L. D. Hills


L. D. Hills self-publishes and markets his books via HILLS OUTDOORS.

They are printed and distributed through LULU.com and CreatePhotoCalendars.com.

Mr. Hills primarily markets photo travel books, but he also writes and publishes travel poetry. 


HILLS OUTDOORS also markets calendars of scenic photos from Oregon taken by L. D. Hills. 

Most of the photography offered by Mr. Hills is from around the State of Oregon, although he also markets photos from Washington and Northern California.

Latest Publications By L. D. HILLS


out in the Middle

   Whether you are a local or a visitor touring this unique region, there is so such to see in the middle of Oregon! Even the making of a scenic photo book on the subject requires omitting a lot of beautiful material of gorgeous scenery that abounds in the central sector of the "Beaver State." There is sensational scenic beauty all over our state, but there is a tremendous amount squeezed into this area. 

   For that reason, Central Oregon is a major tourist destination. Travelers flock here in all seasons and they are greeted by bountiful forests, snow-capped mountains, rippling streams, yawning canyons, lovely lakes, "Big Sky" range country, stunning rock formations and more!
   These benefits are equally enjoyed by locals who call this territory home. This book is aimed at residents too, for it contains a varied sampling of what there is to see and appreciate in Central Oregon. The photos in this volume display a wide variety of scenes that will appeal to locals and tourists alike.

Trade paperback - 6" X 9" - 166 Pages -
​160 Full-Color Photos

​$39.95 + shipping


   The contents of this pictorial volume contain 177 photographs of fascinating juniper scenes around Central Oregon. As a nature lover and avid photographer, Mr. Hills has spent years roaming the high desert and has done much field work in the study of the desert ecosystem. He has focused particularly on the area's prolific juniper trees and how they are an integral part of the desert setting in which they thrive.
​   The author points out that the juniper are not the usurpers of the desert many disparage them to be and presents his case for respecting the juniper. It is the expressed purpose of this book to encourage both the preservation of and the exercise of responsible conservation in regard to these trees. Juniper trees, whether typical, utilitarian specimens or unique, weird, extraordinary ones are represented in these pages as they should be...important to the local ecosystem as well as delights for nature lovers.

Trade paperback - 6" X 9" - 142 Pages -
​177 Full-Color Photos

​$34.95 + shipping



   This small photo book offers a collection of color photographs of fall color scenes around Central Oregon - this picture book of autumn colors in Central Oregon contains 82 full-color photographs plus the front and back cover photos. The book begins with a section of fall scenes found in Redmond, then moves on to Bend. The final section of the book is a "variety pack" featuring photos from various points around the surrounding area. Each page contains brief description texts, but otherwise they are filled with awesome fall colors. This book makes a wonderful gift idea for those who enjoy such fascinating, colorful scenes - available in both soft and hard cover editions.

40 Pages - 82 Full-Color Photos 

5" X 7" Soft Cover

$18.95 + shipping

8.5" X 11" Hard Cover 

$38.95 + shipping


   This calendar features photos of various rock formations in Central and Western Oregon, in all seasons with descriptions of each photograph included.


   This calendar shows a variety of creek scenes around the state of Oregon, in all seasons, in various moods.


   This calendar features forest scenes in all seasons from around the state of Oregon.

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